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Help needed ..Epos epic 2 vs B&W matrix 805

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This is Kushanava from Kolkata (INDIA).I am trying to set up my first hifi stereo system

Room size :12 *10sqft Budget <1300$

Music Source: Asus Xonar Essence ST Music:

Listening Preference:Soft Vocals (Indian classical/pop ,neil diamond /jim reeves other oldies) & instrumentals(Indian classical,yanni,kenny g etc) (80%) , Classic Rock (Queen,Scorpians etc) (20%)


I have shortlisted Epos and B&W brand of speakers after auditioning several brands (kef/dali/elac/quad/MS/PSB etc)

Combination Auditioned:

1.Epos M12i +Sugden (liked the sound signature but little harsh highs , so looking for epic 2 with softer sound)

2.B&W CDM1 + Quad 306 (liked the sound signature but found a little laid back/not dynamic , so looking for matrix 805)


I cannot afford sugden , so I am targetting the following buy


1. Used Amps -- Quad 306 or musical fiedility A5 ( Quad 306 preferred becuase of lower cost.)

2. B&W matrix 805 (Used) or  Epos Epic 2 (New)


Since I donot have them available in my city ,will have to make a decision based on your opinion.


Q1.Will Quad 306 be able to drive the Epos Epic 2?and produce enough dynamic details and 3d sound stage?,If no, what is the best amp (used) under $400 for Epos epic 2(considering I really like a sugden sound)?


Q2.Which is the value for money speaker B&W 805 Matrix (Used) or Epos epic 2 (New) and what are the pros and cons of each?


I hate harsh ,fatiguing highs but at the same time wont compromise for details and dynamism. I enjoy a 3d soundstage and would avoid short focus or straight at your face sounds.

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I've never been a huge B&W fan, I haven't heard the 805 Matrix specifically, but the newer 805s and CM1s, and their bigger brothers the 802s and 800s, have never done anything for me. Especially for their pricing. I'm unfamiliar with Epos, sorry.

In your part of the world, are the nicer Yamaha speakers available? How about Infinity? Mirage? Sonus Faber?

Amplifier wise, that's a bit broader - I like vintage gear, but I have no idea what "vintage" looks like in India (do you have a relatively large selection of receivers and integrateds from the 1970s and 1980s available to you? Or is that stuff mostly unheard of, or insanely gouged?). If you had to buy new, that's a bit tougher - do you have Parasound? Yamaha? Rotel? (And before anyone has a fit - yes, some Yamaha speakers plus older Yamaha amps is a bad idea, I know this).
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Hi obobskivich,

Thanks for replying ..the yamahas are available in my city but I didn't really like them..they sounded bright to me.

I have pretty much closed in my choices .and planning to import used items as most of the items here have really "raised" prices..it is cheaper for me to import used.

My only worry is if Quad 306 will match with Epos or  music fidelity (used)  is a better choices.

If some one can suggest good amp for Epos epic 2 under 400$ I will be privileged ..bigsmile_face.gif

Edited by Kushanava - 10/16/12 at 9:01pm
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You realize you'll need a preamp with something like the Quad, right? Anyways, I think the 306, if you get one in good shape, would be a fine choice for any reasonably sensitive bookshelf speakers you might pick.
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