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looking for opinions on long list of headphones feel free to post anything you might find better

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i have bought a good amount of headphones so far and have read reviews on this site for all these headphones for the most part and have used this site often in making choices for headphones now im stuck with a long list of phones and decided to finally make a post to get opinions on which would be best for me. all i'm looking for really is a new pair of headphones with good isolation and not to much noise leakage to replace my sennheiser hd 280 pro obviously id like something with better sq than the 280's and about the same build quality these haven't broken but id like to try something new i do carry these around with me to and from school along with headrooms total bit head amp and the headphones i am looking at getting i might think aren't all really in the same category of headphones most of them dj jeadphones tho so my list of headphones i am looking at is big if you have something that you think is better than whats in this list and about as portable as the 280's that's also less then about 200 then go ahead and tell me the list is : pioneer hdj 500 or 1500, allen and heath xone xd-53, denon dnhp700 or 1000, ultrasone 550 pro or hfi-580, fostex t40rp mkII, audio technica ath es55, aiaiai tma-1 as for the music i listen to well i listen to classical mostly vivaldi and handel jazz but pretty much miles d. and j. coltrane other music is jrock mostly does and metal death, black, and power my favorite band is korpiklaani which is folk metal then electro, some house, hardstyle, dnb, also soundtrack mostly elderscrolls soundtracks but their are others if needed to help i can post some of my most listened to songs so that you may be able to see just what you,re dealing with here.

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With your price point ($200) and wanting to maintain good isolation and portability (coming from your HD280 PRO), there's really not much for you to move to other than simply side-grading to another signature sound. However, I'll still recommend a few headphones for you to look into that have some qualities you're looking for in various other price ranges:


Beyer DT770

AudioTechnica A900X

Ultrasone PRO 750

Philips Uptowns

Denon D600

Shure SRH840


I would put emphasis on the SRH840, DT770 and Uptowns based on your needs and portability.


Very best,

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thanks ill look into the beyer i have a pair of both shure 240-a and 440  is the 840 alot better or slightly better than the 440 also my freind has the audio technica a-700x they defintely sound better than my 280's but aren't the most travel friendly but is the 900x a good bit better if so ill look into that also

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840 is significantly better than 440, it's a clear upgrade

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how about leakage? both 240 and 440 are not too good at keeping noise in imo i do take the trolley and have had a couple complaints when sitting next to some one when using them but it is also due to the fact that i keep the sound at 80% plus to block out all noise

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My roommate never complained about the leakage as far as i remembered, it's not on the same level of HD25 on the terms of isolation but it's enough for me when i use it on a cafe or in a car

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thanks there's a guitar center that about 45 min drive or so from where i live hopefully i can try em out there ill be going today well more like in an hour or so but they have the hd 25 which im interested in the beyer dt770 and one that i posted in the original list the pioneer hdj 500 if the 840 sound good enough ill be making my way back home with a pair

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