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For Sale: Eddie Current Zana Deux **SOLD**

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For Sale:
Eddie Current Zana Deux **SOLD**

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Serial number 70 of the non-SE run.  Not made anymore.

Here’s the link to the current SE version on the Eddie Current website:


I purchased this absolute mint ZD late last year and have loved it.  But since the Balancing Act arrived, I just don’t find myself using it as much as I would like.  It needs to go to a good home.  It is the original version.  The guy I bought it from at the end of last year had just received it back from Craig himself who checked it over and gave it a clean bill of health.  Craig also packaged it up in some sturdy boxes, and the amp and PSU and all tubes will be forwarded along in those same boxes.  If you look at the photos, you'll see that there are two small knobs on the top of the amp near the front.  You are not seeing things.  This amp is very special and one-of-a-kind in that it has separate, adjustable balance pots.  This allows you to locate the soundstage with more precision, akin to a crossfeed function on ampflifiers like the Phonitor.  This is really helpful because the ZD is quite revealing of poorly mastered sources and you can fix mono and stereo separation problems.


Comes with the packaging I mentioned, the amp, psu, stock EC umbilical, stock power cable, stock Russian 6D22S and 6C33C-B tubes and the stock new issue Tung-Sol 6SL7, which is quite nice-sounding for a new tube.   Very low hours on all of it. 


ALSO INCLUDED are two additional pairs of Russian 6C33C-B power triodes and one additional pair of NOS Sylvania 6D22S (EY500) rectifiers.   This is over $80 in tubes included in the price.


AND as a special one-time bonus, if you meet my current asking price, I will throw in two of the drivers that I most enjoyed with the ZD: One NOS mint, barely used Philips Holland (Adzam) 6SL7GT; and one low-hours Brimar 6SL7GT.  Two classics.


New, the ZDSE is $2200 but doesn’t come with the balance pots or all these extra tubes.


My fair price for all this is **SOLD**

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