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Ety are more for detail.


And i haven't heard the beyers.


But i have the king of edm phones the ultrasone pro900.


Well the eph aren't far off the mark, for the money there's little to touch them.

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I got some Ultrasones DJ1 for my djing rig.

Ok mate, I think you convinced me about the Yamaha eph100s.

Everywhere I read people keep saying that they are perfect for EDM.

Spun out from my RenovateD and NCX'd HTC One X!
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wow this thread looks interesting! i have the gr07 be and i find them fabulous and i was eying both the jvc and the yamahas 


right now it seems the price on the jvc is just amazing


but the issue is the driver flex, i'm worried it might just crap out one day


does the yamahas have driver flex?


i'm digging both in terms in design but i prefer something warm and even if anything somethign a bit brighter, i like my sparkly treble


i'm using the monster turbines which as many probably know is really big on the bass (subbbass especially) i felt the midbass was not bloated at all but i'm looking for more treble extentsion. while keeping that sorta v shaped sound without making the mids sound absolutely left out

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Hi all, 


If you had to choose between the Shure SE215LTD's or the Yamaha EPH-100's  for a wide genre of music which ones would you choose and why? 


Eljo.com.au is offering them for me for a special price of AU$85.99.


I currently own the SE215LTD's and they've treated me reasonably well however the fit has always been a "hit or miss" for me. I have slightly smaller than average sized ears (the Sennhesier momentums fit my ears nicely) which makes it a bit of a process to put them on.


Let's say, If someone is trying to get my attention and it results in me having to take them out of my ears and then back on once we've finished talking my ears tend to not like the rubbing sensation of the earphones getting in contact with the inner part my earlobes when installing them.


Lastly, I think anyone would agree that the isolation of the SE215's is nothing short of exceptional. However I don't think it's all a good thing. With my experiences with the SE215's I've found that whenever I'm wearing them there has to be something playing at all times because wearing them with pure silence for a short period of time or temporally pausing the music can make my ears quite fatigued just buy the pressure it builds up inside of my ears.


I absolutely think that the Shure's are a "best for your buck" pair of earphones however I've found that it's not a pair of earphones that I would wear for long periods of time which is why I've gradually started to steer away from using them..It's going to be hard to say goodbye to them if I decide to buy something to replace them.

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