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Hi, I'm a newbie in the head-fi community, but I did have some experience with good universal IEM's such as the UE Triple Fi 10. Currently, these guys have gone into repairing, and I'm planning to use them for at least one more year. Meanwhile, I'm looking at the new flagship IEM's that are coming out and I'm going though hell. ALL OF THEM LOOK FANTASTIC!


I recently heard of the UE-900's, V Moda M-100, Heir Audio, SE 535, Westone Um3x, and I never saw a post comparing all of these. This is mainly what I'm interest in...


1. A deeeeeep fit: UE Triple fi pro 10's had a deep fit with the foam tips, and I think a deep fit really enhances the sound quality by a lot.

2. Soundstage: You know what I want.

3. Clarity: A very detailed sound really grabs my attention.

4. Good cables: TF 10's were terrible.

5. Portability: Bulky earbuds, or ones with ridiculously long cables are not needed. I am using these for outdoor use mainly.

6. Good Customer Service: Not getting proper customer service is really wasting a lot of money if you break it in a short period of time.


My instincts tell me to go with V Moda's in the winter and Heir Audio's in the rest of the seasons, but I want professional opinions!
Thank you


P.S. If you have personal opinions about other IEM's that match my conditions, be free to tell me!

Oops, and portable headphones(Obviously V Moda is in the lot) are also open for recommendations

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