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Buying new headphones

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Right so, I'm planning on buy some new headphones as my current one are broken as they only produce sound to one ear. My current ones (that are in a sense, broken) are the Audio Technica WS55i, these in my opinion produced amazing sound quality in the lows, mids and highs. Anyway since these headphones are practically unusable anymore, I am planning buying new headphones. My budget is around £50-£65 (so not a lot), I happened to find some decent looking headphones from watch and reading reviews. These headphones where the Koss DJ100, Philips Citiscape Uptown and Sony MDR V55 (quite iffy about this one though). I was just want some input on these headphone mentioned as well as other ones that you would recommend for my price point.

Thanks : )
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If you like them so much why not try to fix it? It probably just needs re-cabling, which can be as little as FREE if you already have the tools (or a friend with tools) and a cheap set of earbuds or earphones to cannibalise a cable from. If you're already set on buying new ones, you've got nothing to lose.


As far as headphones go near that price range, the Sennheiser HD419 impressed me sound-wise (although it's under your budget) but the build quality doesn't match the price - it has a very thin cable. 

The Philips Cityscape Uptown doesn't get a lot of love around these forums, and I have to agree - way overpriced for the sound. Koss Portapros sound better. Even the Panasonic RP-HTX7PP sounds better (with fantastic comfort and isolation too). 

I love the looks of the Koss DJ100 but I've never heard one. Would be interested to know more about it; hopefully someone else can chime in on that. 

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