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First and foremost ....I know that there are many similar threads and I am sorry for posting another ....but some of my questions are not the usual ones I find here.......!Also sorry for the long post!



So....I am a college student from India.I love music,but haven't had a lot of exposure to high end audio.But cause of my love for music I went out and bought a Galaxy S I9000 

cause of its wolfson DAC(I can't afford a good DAP and a phone)But my earphones are a pair of Creative EP-630...they are decent...but I want to go up market!


I have been saving up for a pair of Shure SE 215s and now that I have enough , I will get it from the USA cause my uncle lives there and they are very expensive here....But now I am confused ...If I save up more I can get a JH5 pro which I know are a lot better....But would any audiologist be able to make the ear impressions? Also...I have never heard Balanced Armature's before and heard that they lack bass...... I am not a bass head and prefer  the mid range.But I just don't know enough to decide.....I am satisfied by the EP-630's bass(only quantitatively).So will the JH match it in quantity?My source won't change till I get out of college......!


So the real question is.....Should I go for the much cheaper Shures or a custom IEM....I don't want to spend any thing more than $ 200 on universals........They have to last at least 3 years till I settle down after college.....And can I pay for the JH using my Indian Visa Debit card? and will they deliver it in India as well or should I send the molds to my uncle and get him to do all the ordering.....Please help me........!