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Vmoda M80 vs LP

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Hello Head-fi community. I'm sure you've seen plenty of threads like this one, but I'm new to the audiophile world, so any help is much appreciated. I enjoy listening to Avicii-type music, but also into soft music and Alternative. The last thing I would want in a pair of headphones is an overpowering bass, but I want the bass to be present and balanced, yet not overwhelming. Clear mid and highs are also what would be nice in a pair of headphones. I constantly listen to music, whether I'm in the car, or doing homework, or when I have a computer class at school; durability would be a good factor as well. Both headphones are coming from V-Moda, so construction is probably top-notch. Comfort-wise, I would really appreciate a headphone with great sound and comfort, so I can listen to them for extended periods of time. I've been reading some other threads and it's apparent that even though Beats Studios are comfortable and flashy, they aren't worth $300 for the sound you get. I've tried the Skullcandy Mix Masters and, personally, the sound is descent. The highs and mids are clear and defined, and the bass isn't overwhelming like Beats. But after 2 hours of listening (I borrowed it from a friend), my ears and the sides of my head were hurting. Like I said, I'm new to Head-fi and all these headphones that you guys are talking about, so if anything I said ^^ was incorrect, go easy on me :) I am open to other headphones that fit the aforementioned criteria, and any suggestions will most likely be taken into consideration.


Thanks guys! :)


Edit: My price range is below $250

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I hope you mean the LP2s, as the original had really overpowering bass. The M80s would still be the most balanced sounding between the two. Slightly warm sound, with solid mids and laid-back, but decently detailed treble. Both are pretty durable (metal construction for the most part). 


For more options, look here: Shootout: 104 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Klipsch Image One added 10/02/12)

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