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$200 dollar budget!

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Hey guys,


I need a new pair of headphones for under $200 ( it can go a little over if needed )

I certainly would like to spend as little as possible, but don't get me wrong here I want quality!

I would like them to look pretty cool, but that is all personal to me, so just send me what you think is best.



What I listen to:






Dave matthews band

Mumford and sons



What I'm looking for:




Looks ( but don't substitute for quality )

Over ear



What I am currently looking at:


V-moda Crossfade LP2


Audio Technica ATH-M50






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The V_Moda M80 over ear headphones are amazing sounding for the price and they built tough. Other Headphones like Focal Spirit ONE, Philips Fidelo L1, Harmen Kardon BT and Ultrasone are rrecommended too.

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I am not too big of a fan of the on ear headphones

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Originally Posted by soccerdu25 View Post

I am not too big of a fan of the on ear headphones


Outside the M80s he mentioned, all of them are over ear...  I have only heard the Philips Fidelio L1 in that list (M80s as well).  They would work for what you want.  They'll fit what you're looking for as well in terms of build, sound, etc. 


Edit: they aren't 200 /facepalm  Sorry about that. 

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well my budget is a bit flexible, preferably hope that it can stay the same though, thanks

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anyone else?

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I'd look for a nice used pair of d2k's or Beyer dt990's.



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The M50 earpads are so small they're almost over-ear if your ears are slightly large. They pinched the edge of my ears so I ended up replacing the pads with Shure 840/940 pads and now they're perfect.
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I think that ill go with the lp2's, mainly because of the build quality, ill substitute a little bit of sound quality for the build quality as that is the most important thing

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That's probably a good choice seeing as my M50's headband didn't even last a year before flaking. lol
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How about UE6000, they look good, are right at $200 and when in Noise Cancelling mode are also supposed to be bass heavy which would allow for a change up in the sound for when you want it... Great reviews on them as well.

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personally i wouldn't go with the lp2s as they are very unbalanced. The heavy bass would be suitable for the dubstep you listen to, but for Coldplay/Mumord and Sons etc... they wouldn't be that great. But build quality wise, you can't get much better than the lp2s

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