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Hello! I'll start with the review and then add some information at the end.


Xears Maestro MH700 Pro Highend In Ear Headset for iPhone


Price: 35€ (45$) with coupon code (KLANGFUZZIS), otherwise 129€ (167$)

1.20m Cable length; 15-24500 Hz Frequency interval; 124 db max at 1kHz


Accessories: It comes with a nice pouch with soft but thick pad. The earphone comes with 3 pairs of single-flange, one with bi- and one with tri-flange tips as well as one pair of foamhybrid tips.


Build Quality: It has a beautiful cable, which feels top, but the microphone feels too "plastic". The housing looks great from the outside with the nice combination of red, black and silver colors. The housing shines nicely thanks to the red metallic painting.


Isolation: It has many tips so having a good isolation depends more on choosing the right tips.


Microphonics: It's very low and you only hear it if you jump listening to low volume music.


Comfort: The housing seems is large for an earphone, but it reaches deep enough even with a single-flange tip, which I'm currently using. The large housing is actually very beneficial, as it prevents inserting it too deep, that it'll get uncomfortable fast. If you still want a deeper insert, you need to use bi- or tri-flange tips.


Sound: The sound is clear with strong bass and nice middles and treble. When you find the best fitting tip, it gets better and you hear more details. Because I haven't had many earphones, I can't make comparisons. But I believe these earphones to produce the best sound I've ever heard.


Something I've noticed with this earphone (listening to Dragonborn) is even high bass doesn't conceal the rest. The song gave me more goose bumps than before:)


Value: I think for 35€ these earphones have great value. The sound performance is great and these even have a mic!


Extra Information: Hello! I am Mert and I've just joined this site (about 15 minutes ago). When I try to decide whether or not to buy something, I value other people's opinions. This place is filled with them!:)

I wanted to get a new earphone with a mic for a couple of months now. I first decided to buy a Skullcandy 50/50, but then I read about Skullcandy at the infamous multi iem review in this site. Then I saw, that Xears iems were highly rated, so I decided to buy one.

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