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Head-Fi'ers, by and large, have some of the nicest audio gear in the world. But we've all got a few clunkers sitting in the drawer. You know what I'm talking about. The cruddy stuff we bought before we knew any better, probably from a big box store. The stuff we'd be embarrassed to admit we ever enjoyed. Poor fit, poor build quality, and, most importantly, poor sound.


We'd probably love to forget those bad purchases and get our money and time back. We can't do that. But what we can do is remind ourselves just what it was like before we discovered quality gear.


So, especially if you're feeling a certain sense of buyer's remorse at the moment, here's what I'm challenging you to do: Set aside your nice headphones, your gorgeous amps, your expensive cables, etc.; pick something from your cumulative collection of cast off crap, and use it exclusively for one week.


For me there's really only one choice: my busted up MDR-V700DJ. Now I'm not actually saying that I'm going to take this challenge right away. This will require some planning and maybe the drawing up of a last will and testament. I'd love to see if anybody else would like to do this, either in stages or as a collective endeavor. We could report on our individual experiences in this thread, compare and contrast, and have a good time all around.


The point of this is threefold. First, you'll get to remember just how bad (sometimes laughably) your first audio gear was. Or will you? Maybe you'll find a redeeming quality somewhere in there that you never considered. Second, and perhaps even more importantly, you'll find out just how much of your enjoyment of listening to music comes from the music itself. Because that's what it's really all supposed to be about. Finally, once the week's over you'll gain a newfound appreciation for the best gear you own, even if beforehand you were lusting after something higher up the chain or regretting shelling out for a less-than-earth shattering upgrade.


So what do you y'all say? Anybody game? Or am I just off my face.