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PlayStation Vita audio... (headphone compatibility, amps, etc.)

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So, anyone else have a PlayStation Vita?
Mine's the limited edition crystal white Miku one!

I'm curious if anyone's ever measured it's audio outputs, but anyway I'll give my quick version;
Feels a bit cold and bright, but clarity wise overall it's quite decent. Its maximum volume is rather unimpressive though.
We probably shouldn't even talk about its speakers. They're atrocious to no end.
Using it as a dedicated music player isn't very worthwhile though given that its music player app isn't very well designed and is far more limited than a true Walkman (especially in the DSP department), plus CMA is a genuine PIA.

On the other hand - games are equally worthy of an audiophile's appreciation and the Vita does have an increasingly wide array of rhythm games, which means that good audio gear with it does improve the experience.
Since it has a Sony proprietary port (which looked a bit like a WMPort to me at first, but unsurprisingly they don't fit), it hasn't any known lineout docks either, so I'm curious if anyone's tried using an amplifier with it via headphone out, etc..
Also, anyone got their impressions of it works with their favorite earphones? It does pretty well on my preferred (well, only owned) set of earphones, the XBA-3, but just yesterday I had the privilege of trying the UE TripleFi 10 on the Vita (without an amplifier), and the sound stage was amazing (vibrantly airy, warm and fabulous vocals), which was perfect for the rhythm game I was playing (and I imagine for anything more action packed as well). My guess gravitated towards, possibly, an impedance matching thing (I'm truthfully not that versed in the whole impedance thing), given that the TF10s did not feel the same kind of awesome on some other outputs.

Anybody else have interesting experiences to share on the Vita?
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Probably my favorite games hardware ever. It's just too impractical to be used as DAP(software,form factor, limited storage) , and it can't compete with my Note2-ADL Stride combo.


Fantastic for games though, it's a shame it's not getting more love. (99c flashgame future :( )

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It's a pretty awful to use DAP, but my question is what you guys like to use with your Vitas, whether just for a bit of music or for gaming? Like I said, I found the TF10s to be an amazing experience on the Vita...
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I don`t have a Vita but I remember seeing these two threads a while back






Hopefully theres something of interest to you there.L3000.gif

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All the Playstation forum users are praising Beats... .......
Anyway, a Wolfson chip, interesting! It definitely has a pretty weak amp, not much better, if not worse than phones'. But the raw sound quality is indeed pretty good. The cradle has a line-out dock? I thought it only had a charging port.

The Vita definitely has a fantastic sound stage though.
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