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For Sale: Dirt Cheap! Final price drop.

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For Sale:
Dirt Cheap! Final price drop.

Will Ship To: Anywhere


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Any chance on a trade, I have a set of shure 840 in great condition would love to trade for the Audio Technica M50's you would make me a very happy dude ;P

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I sent you a PM :)

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Hi, my mail quota has been used up so I figured this would be the easiest way to contact you. When I did some further checking into the postal rates the shipping will put me well past my budget. Sorry about that. Good luck with your sales, William

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PM sent.

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Hey there I'm interested in the AD700's; just got a couple of questions on how old and the wear and tear and if your willing to ship to AUS (QLD) and an approximate shipping price.


Cheers :)

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May be interested in the M50s. How much would shipping to Ireland be?

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Hi, Im really interested in the M50, shipping to malaysia. How much would it be total and how do we proceed? Thanks.
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How much to post m50's to uk?
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