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For Sale:
FS: New iBasso DX100

Will Ship To: Con. US

Want to offload my portable rig because my commute has shorten considerably as I have received my license and car. 


I want to try the sound of the HD 800.


I've only received the DX100 2 days ago. Includes all accessories that came with it including a silicone I had imported from Amazon Japan through Tenso.


I've had the UM Miracles for about 2 months after I reshelled them. Warranty last until Oct. 25 of 2013. Includes graph/box/stock cable.


Both in immaculate condition. Works flawless. I will miss their sound... 


Individually, DX100 for $775 and $550 for UM Miracle.


Total cost new would be $949 (UM Miracle) + $830 (DX100) =  1779. That's excluding the cost of shipping from China to the US.


Shipping cost is split between the buyer and the seller(me). Add 3% to total if Paying by Paypal.


PM me with offers if you're interested.

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