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earphones for sleeping

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I am very sensitive to ambient noise when trying to fall asleep. Even with a closed door, I can hear my family members walking and talking, which forces me to go to sleep when all other family members are already asleep.

Since ear plugs are uncomfortable for me, I thought of using earphones and listening to some white noise which will "neutralize" the ambient noise. 

For that purpose I tried to use my GR07. Although they are very low-profile, I still didn't feel any comfort using them in bed. Mostly, they create pressure inside my ears when lying on my side, and their cable doesn't stay in place.


So, I would like some recommendation for earphones designed to be used in bed. I already found two alternatives, which are BedPhones and SleepPhones. Both are totally different concept, and both have some good reviews and some bad ones. 

I am sure there are more options. I am looking for the most comfortable solution, and sound quality doesn't matter at all because I am just going to listen to white noise. 

I prefer something that will block some noise, not as much as in-ears ofcourse. My price range is around 50$, with worldwide shipping. I am 16 y/o boy so I need something that will be comfortable for teenagers.


Thanks for your help.

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Try speakers. You can adjust yourself while you're in bed without having something obstructing your ears.

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Klipsch X10i is very comfirtable you will barely notice them even while you are asleep.

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I REALLY don't recommend using IEMs for sleeping. For one, the tip can get inserted quite deep and you might need extra procedures to safely remove the tip that has been lodged in your ear. Also, the constant exposure to dB in an average time of 6-12hours depending on how long you sleep can sometimes lead to progressive hearing damage. Even if it's at a reasonable 80dB, 8 hours is still plenty of time to cause some damage.

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there are audio players out there with timers etc, I had the x10i but wasn't able to lie on my side with it.  I saw people claim they sleep with their IE80 well they must never move after going into sideways position then...


Bottom line is I would stick with speakers 

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use some tiny IEMs that don't actually go very deep and don't stick out at all, like the sennheiser cx300s

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she3590 are very well for sleeping on the side

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I found RE-0 to be quite comfortable.




Get one of those cosmic ears custom IEMs. Nothing is as comfortable as custom made shell.

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