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Fiio E17 vs. Fireye DA

Poll Results: Which one you prefer?

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    FiiO E17
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    Fireye DA
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Hey guys, since both of them function as DAC and Amplifier I was wondering which one is better in term of sound quality and sound stage. From what I know the DA cost more than E17, so I was wondering whether the premium price is worthwhile? I can find tons of positive reviews on the E17 but very very less (only 1 review) about the Fireye DA. I'm going to pair it with my Fischer FA-003.


So far I liken the volume knob present at the Fireye but I'm hesitating on my purchase seeing how minute the amount of review it received.


Perhaps someone who owned one or both would care to share their experience?


Review about Firestone Fireye DA:


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Personally, I find the E17 to be the better, but the Fireye DA is arguably the better value, at barely over $100.


The Fireye DA's main drawback is a bit of muddiness in the lower midrange and upper bass. Otherwise, it's a solid product at a great price. Great looks and build quality, too.


The E17, on the other hand, is a more competent headphone amplifier, and DAC, for that matter. It's good for IEMs, as its output impedance is one of the lowest around, and it has a nice, neutral frequency response, if a little boring.

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Thanks for the reply. It's too bad that I prefer the potentiometer on the Fireye. Somehow it makes changing the volume easy compared to a step up volume gain by pressing the button each time.

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Well, the DA is still quite a nice, affordable DAC/amp combination; I don't know how it compares to the other "cheapo" DAC/amps e.g. iBasso D-Zero, but it does a great job, save for the little issue I mentioned.


EDIT: I'd always take Guttenberg's reviews with a grain of salt (for example, I don't find the E17 to be less detailed; my guess is that he's hearing the U-shaped response of the DA more), but FWIW, he liked the DA, in direct comparison to the E17.

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So far I only came across two different types of Amp/DAC at the local store here, namely the Fiio E17 and Fireye DA/HD. Seeing the amount of reviews that Fiio E17 had gained so far somehow reassure me that it would be a worthwhile purchase. I guess I should take my FA-003 to the store and try them both someday during this week.


By the way, E17 does indeed offers a lot more functionality (gain +6dB/+12dB, balance L/R) and input sources than DA. I'm only going to use AUX anyway so the amount of input sources doesn't really concern me much.


I'm so torn between these two :) 


P/S: Does E17 cost more than DA/HD?

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Well, here in Firestone's native Taiwan, the DA costs quite a bit less than the E17. I don't know how much you can get it for, but if it's at the retail price of $199, then I'd say that the E17 is a better buy than the DA. If they're around the same price for you, then get what you prefer in terms of ergonomics/functionality, which from what I read from you, is the DA.


The Fireye HD is a premium portable amplifier --- its amp stage is quite a bit better than both the DA and the E17, so yes, it is more expensive. It was designed to compete against the RSAs and ALOs of the world, but it obviously lacks the DAC function, so I don't think it's what you're looking for.

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