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For Sale: Populated KGSSHV boards with boutique parts

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For Sale:
Populated KGSSHV boards with boutique parts

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I've been incredibly busy with life lately and haven't got much time dedicated for DIY so I guess I need to let one of my builds go to a new good home.

Up FS is a set of populated KGSSHV boards with boutique parts and onboard heatsinks.
The parts features PRP, Takman, Holco and Kiwame resistors, along with Nichicon capacitors everywhere. Heatsinks are 2.5" tall. I haven't got chance to fire it up to test, just solder the parts and leave the boards aside. Some parts on the boards are haven't soldered but will be included.

Future buyer should know how to do the setup and understand the circuit, and maybe debugging because as I mention above, I haven't powered up anything yet. I might also not be able to help out if there is anything wrong because I've been stuck with many many other things.

I haven't figured out the total cost for everything, so feel free to make me an offer that I can't refuse smily_headphones1.gif
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this just sounds like an awfully bad idea....
luckily you didn't sell it couple months back because I would've killed myself if I didn't build it from ground up and learned so much along the way...
I still wish you a quick and good sale....  I just hope to the right person...

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Sent a PM a while ago, but haven't gotten a response. If these are still available, I am very interested.


Thank you,


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