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this thread got me interested in this biscuit since I bought the MH1 IEMs,

I'm looking for something tough (got 2 sansa clip and clip+, both of them broke in about 4 months)

Is it really solid, can you like make it fall from 3 floors and listen to it like it was new ? ksc75smile.gif

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Has anyone compared this to the Rocoo-BA? 

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I am listening to one

Using only Philips she3580 headphones

sounds glorious....

I know now how rocco sounds like but I am quite sure what I am hearing is wayy better that what can be produced by iPhone4s

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sounds a tiny wee bit less smooth that Hippo Gumstick.  But then Gumstick plays FLAC while Biscuit only do WAV and MP3 files.

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Not sure about the 3 floors thing.... but my best guess it is tougher that the sansa.

No complicated circuit for display and the it is constructed of aluminium. Even buttons are of hard plastics.

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Just got mine, charging it now.  REALLY like the form factor.  will update as I use it.


My thoughts on the screen is, for me, the way I will be using it I dont need a screen.  I plan to randomly fill for listening at work.  I dont like a song, skip it, I get tired of what's on it, reload it.  keeps me from getting bored with the same old stuff and I listen to some tracks I would probably not other wise.  I also, will make specific cards for Classical which has always been troublesome, with the tracks getting messd up and out of order, I rename them so they will play correctly anyway.

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i've been using Biscuit + Cricri paired with V-Jays for a week or two.

using multiple micro sd card for each album/playlist, just like cassette walkman days.

love 'em!

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Anyone have luck playing 24bit/96k wav files on the biscuit.  Mine was not able to play. It would be nice if it could but no biggie.

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