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I don't know.  Wouldn't it be better for US residents to buy in the US because of import duties and warranty cover ?

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$1999. Here in US
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Originally Posted by dallan View Post

$1999. Here in US

Source please?


That number would be quite disturbing.

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The TH900 is the price we were referring to, and they are that much where ever available, Moon Audio for one.
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I would love the have the fostex Urushi finish on all my computer parts. Monitor, tower, keyboard, mouse, desk mic, mouse pad, etc etc. Would be so sexy and I would pay for all of it right here right now, even though I'm low on cash.

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Originally Posted by HideousPride View Post

Source please?


That number would be quite disturbing.



There you go.  biggrin.gif

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Yup, you don't get any more Japanese

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There seems to be more talk about the dislike of the TH-900 housing (not even pip-squeak about it's sound) than there is about the TH-600. Fair enough it's not out yet but I'm not certain if it's really necessarily to change this thread to a "trash the TH-900 earcups" topic.


Back on topic. Here's the TH-600 quite worn after going through 2 tours of events- CanJam and Fujiya Autumn Festival. Seeing how the black is rubbing off, I'm going to guess that that's not the final finish. Hopefully the final look retains a the Batman matt black look but in a more durable coating.




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More pictures of the TH600








There's a bit of repeated info where I took the pictures (http://www.phileweb.com/news/audio/201210/27/12671.html): 


-- closed type equipped with a 50mm dynamic driver of the same caliber and TH900

-- magnetic flux density of 1 Tesla strength it will be a feature on this unit

-- was adopted and black finish magnesium in the housing

-- Expression both out, detachable cable is not available.

-- release is scheduled for early next spring

-- price is assumed to be less than 100,000 yen. [less than 1250 USD] ""


(translated from Japanese by Google)




Shut up and take my.. TH600 ! prototype

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Originally Posted by Audio-Omega View Post

I hope Fostex sell them for under $1000 because TH900 is currently at $1599.  

Where might one find the TH900 for $1599? Everywhere i look it costs at least $2000.

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Addicted to Audio in Australia was selling them for $1599 but they have risen to $1799.  

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Good to see Fostex appear to have thickened the Dx000 pads to nearly J$/Lawton Audio levels with these, maybe they looked at what head-fi users have been doing?

Originally Posted by devouringone3 View Post

More pictures of the TH600






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IIRC the TH900 prototype was also pitch black then the urushi finish came out of nowhere, don't know if this black coating of the TH600 is final.

Any impressions on how the TH600 sounds yet?
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Like AnakChan is guessing, I also think the TH600 production model will feature a different finish, so that micro-scratches don't reveal bare metal so easily:

1000 Maybe they will just revise/improve a little their anodizing process, because they look settled on using magnesium for cups prime material.



Yes the finish of the TH900 did change from prototype to production. The shape of the cups and pads also changed.



Personally I prefer to have less isolation and less compression, so I prefer the TH900 pads to the Jmoney/Lawton.

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The Th600s with Golden linings on a black finish... that would look amazing.

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