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Here's a quick lnk to a review regarding the TH-600 and gaming. I'll get back to you guys tomorrow regarding gaming since I just got these. 



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Does anyone use the TH600 (or more specifically massdrop THX00, purpleheart) for Gaming? If so, any input?  I would not get them specifically for this, but it would be about 30% of my use. I dont want to spring the cash if it is not versatile enough for use in gaming. (A mic is no issue, I use a Blue Yeti)


Has anyone considered swapping the cups with the E-MU Teak cups? I feel like those ebony cups would look great on these guys.

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Has anyone tried these with ZMF lambskin pads? Read a fair few impressions about alpha pads, but couldnt find anything about the ZMF's. Cheers!

Also there is some conflicting information about alpha pads, some say the treble becomes hotter while others say the midbass is boosted and the treble bbecomes smoother. The ZMF pads are quite similar to the alphas and im not really sure how they will change the sound due to these variable opinions.

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