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Anyone on here have internally modded 600's ? Is the difference noticeable over stock  ? Does it sound nearer to the 900's ?

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Hi! Here are some pics of my wooden cups project. These are all try-outs, my final model is going to be made from Bubbinga and is going to look exactly like the original one (smaller logo, round groove. 


This is the first try, with spray car lacquer. It smells awful. On the picture it looks ok, but in reality you see too much imperfections with the high gloss finish.



Here is the second try. I filled the logo (a bit too big) with liquid wood and lacquered it with satin floor lacquer. Much better!



Filling it up with Dynamat. (to the previous poster: the stock dampening is very flimsy, so I think dampening alone should have an effect)



Here is the result, in action.




Both sides are wood now.



And the sound? Well, I used to roll the treble off a bit, that is no longer necessary now.


The Bubbinga models will be much more beautiful! :)  I can then send these tryouts to someone to try it out (sound wise).


I'm planning on doing a small series eventually. PM me if interested! (estimated price ~120 dollars a set)

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Great work! They look fantastic and I'd be interested to hear if it sounds as good as it looks
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Reaaally nice job daanh. And this is you only just starting out. Although I like the looks I just thought of how it's of not much use if I cannot directly compare the stock hp to one with your cups. To me a must really.

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Whoa! :blink:

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Originally Posted by moriez View Post

Reaaally nice job daanh. And this is you only just starting out. Although I like the looks I just thought of how it's of not much use if I cannot directly compare the stock hp to one with your cups. To me a must really.

Thanks! Just come to Amersfoort. :P

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Nice work!!!

Will be nice to see in maple or black and white ebony wood wink.gif
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I haven't heard the TH600 but I've done a bit of reading. I guess its between this and the Alpha Dog for me. Both can be had around $600 (wow...am I even saying this. That's a lot of money.) Anyways, closed back has become better for me than open or iems. I listen to lots of classical, mostly string quartets but symphonies, too. I really want an all genre master though.Could the TH600 be the one? Is it more neutral as some say or is it bass heavy? I quickly get tired of any headphone with recessed mids, but at the same time, I like really strong, well-defined impactful bass when called for. I do hate mid bass bleed though.... 


Any advice is great. 

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The th600 is a 600 dollar hp , the alpha a 70 dollar heavily modded hp. I havent heard the dogs, but i'm happy with my th600 inevery way.
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imackler, my first thought is to advice against the TH600 for your music preference. It's far from neutral. To give you an idea, I just fired up some modern stringy/organic music and even from my neutral Yulong I find it too warm and bassy. Right after tried some indie rock. Ouch, how ugly. Way too much bass emphasis, nasal overall. Same with some jazz I tried. In my opinion this headphone is a match with electronic, rap and maybe other modern music that ''requires'' that sub bass rumble. So one vote to rather look at the Alpha first.

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The TH600 is a bass heavy headphone with rather recessed and somewhat weak mids. I'd highly recommend against it against the Alpha Dog for classical. I've recently heard the Alpha Dog and it was very very good for a closed can for the classical I heard on it. I cannot give full impressions based on what I heard, but they had a much fuller midrange and were a lot weaker in the bass. The Alpha sounded very good for rock as far as fullness of guitar went. Still I'd take the TH600 over it for EDM any day. The TH600 has some kind of funky dip going on in the low mids, this makes many guitars sound paper thin to my ears, and lacks full fullness to strings, guitar and other things. This results in awkward sound to my ears, this is separate to the mid recession in other parts of the range.


For anyone who was interested in this thread I've got a JVC DX1000 on order from Japan for import. Comparisons coming in a week or so.

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Thanks a ton for the help! The TH600 seems to clearly not be the right choice... I was afraid of that :( 

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Originally Posted by imackler View Post

Thanks a ton for the help! The TH600 seems to clearly not be the right choice... I was afraid of that :( 


I would advise listening to it with a proper setup before you drop it. IMO it's pretty good... not much behind the TH900, and it's more neutral than that. I clearly favored the TH600 over many others, including the LCD-XC (I know it sounds strange, but to me the XC sounded too muffled). The TH900 bass sounded sometimes off with large orchestra classical music, the TH600 is more balanced. I haven't heard the Alpha Dog. As to my sonic prefs, I have a Stax 007 Mk1, a 507, Senn HD598, and crave for a 009, so I do love and can recognize good midrange. Actually I went for Stax because they were the best I've found to render classical instruments close to what they should sound. Both the TH600 and TH900 are off a bit (the latter is more off), but they are highly tweakable and have good potential.


So for your music preferences I suggest considering a used Stax system (e.g. SR407/507 with the SRM323 amp), or the Sennheiser HD800 with a matching amp (cheapest I found was the Furutech ADL Esprit), or the new Hifiman HE-560, but I definitely liked classical music with the TH600. For a closed can, I would still go with the TH900 (it can be modded and has better drivers to start with). Though for the price, the TH600 would be a top pick. Choose a right amp for it and eventually change the stuffing to light non-carded wool filling in order to tame the bass overshoot.

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I listen to mostly EDM and for that the TH600 are clearly better than the mad dogs I had. I'm not sure about the Alpha Dogs. I've sold the Mad Dogs since buying the TH600s
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The mad dogs were too bass light with bass that didn't extend very far and bass impact somewhat weak. The mad dogs of have thicker , lusher sounding mids than the TH600 which in comparison sounds thin. I wouldn't say the TH600s mids are recessed. They just sound thinner than orthos in comparison.
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