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Fostex TH600 Dynamic Headphones

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Breaking news: Fostex is presenting new dynamic headphones at the 2012 Can Jam!




Can Jam 2012にてTH600を参考出品します



現地時間2012年10月12日から米国コロラド州デンバーで開催されるヘッドフォンの展示会「Can Jam2012」において、ヘッドフォンの新製品「TH600」のサンプル品を参考展示します。




© FOSTEX COMPANY All Right Reserved
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Looks like... A completely black D2k with different cups?
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Well Denon & Fostex share the same genealogy (Foster), so that isn't surprising...

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Too, too black.... some accent color should be added.

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Pure black is just perfect!

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Yes, I like the all-black look too. Will look great with my DX100, and I suspect it will sound awesome with it too.

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Hopefully the screw falling out problem was fixed. The TH900 doesn't have it, right?

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Matte black? Magnesium construction? Fostex sound? Release this now, please and thank you.

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Very nice looking can. Now for the big question, expected MSRP please........


(brings out hanky in preparation for a good I'm a poor guy cry)

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The more I look at it, the more I appreciate the understated, generic look.  That, and it'll match my hair perfectly.

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Fostex says price, detailed specs, date of release are all pending in the press release posted above.

And I guess all black appearance of test sample is no more than tentative one.

so let's stay tuned for upcoming news.


Their facebook page will be a good source of news.


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A TH900 for the masses perhaps? No expensive materials to bring up the cost.


I would have liked a detachable cable.

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I'm guessing these are going to be quite expensive.

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