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DAC and AMP for D7100

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Looking for an amp and dac for D7100 around $1000 each.

After searching several weeks, i got some assumed combinations for D7100.


  1. MBP> USB > Wadia 121> XLR > WA22 
  2. same..........> Wadia 121> XLR > Little dot MK6+           (save money and preferable)
  3. same..........>Wadia 121> XLR > V200( or wait for V282) (save money but need to wait)
  4. same..........>Wadia 121> XLR > Master 8/ NBF 6
  5. same..........>Reference 7/Master 7> XLR> Master 8
  6. same..........>NFB 17> XLR> NFB 6                              (save money)



So, are there any other better combination for D7100( D7000 doesn't matter) ? Or which one above is most suitable for D7100?


Here's some requirement of AMP i am searching.

  1. Fully balanced with one single end and at least a 4pin xlr output.
  2. Can drive low impedance headphone like D7100.
  3. Tube or SS? Someone said that SS amp is more suitable for Denon.( Bur Tubes looks beautiful....)



Thanks for your advice.

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I was wondering, can you make the font bigger so I can read it more clearly?

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This is way above my level of understanding/budget, but for Denon cans you'd theoretically be better off with SS or at most hybrid tubes. There are tube exceptions that do sound great, check out the Denon amp recommendation thread, that's for the old series but the specs of the new ones are very similar. 

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