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Everywhere I read about headphones and earphones, everyone asks about sound. That's reasonable, I found that especially in portables for outside use, once the sound quality is 'good enough' (YMMV), I find that I value comfort and isolation higher than sound quality on itself. What's sound quality good for if the phones don't fit well or the isolation is so week I can't hear anything unless I bump the volume too high?


For example, while Fisher Tandem is my favorite in terms of sound (I just like their style), when I know I'll be listening to music for a long time, I switch to ultra-comfy MEE CW31. Or when I go out, I take MEE A151 since do isolate well. And generally if I'd be looking for a step-up from the Tandems, I'd be looking for something more comfortable rather then pursue sound itself.


So I'm wondering how far will more hardcore audiophiles go pursuing the sound quality.