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Forza Audio Works Sennheiser hd650 cable.

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It is well known the great possibility of improving the Sennheiser hd series with a cable change. In search of an best budget option I found Forza AudioWorks  http://www.forzaaudioworks.com/
I came to it by chance, looking at the pictures in the thread "Pictures of your portable rig" so I started to investigate a little more about this brand.
ForzaAudioWorks is based in Europe, Poland, the communication with Matthew was excellent.
After the positive experience I had with the Copper Cable Alo Audio 18 (with subsequent sale due to personal reasons) and the return to the original cable that comes standard with the Sennheiser HD650, I was so sad with the performance of the Sennheiser factory cable so i always ended using my Denon Ah-d2000.
After a couple of emails with Matthew, I chose the copper cable model, valid for the Sennheiser HD600 and HD650.





The cable ship was very fast.


I live in Spain and and I had to wati  about 5 days.
The shipment was with tracking number and the package was insured too.



The cable comes in a very compact and flat box, inside a cloth bag with ForzaAudioWorks logo, perfect for transporting the cable when we want to travel with it.


All this packaging is made of recycled material.
It's a simple presentation, but functional and stylish for my taste.








The cable has 1.40 m lenght approx. In my case I have the amp just 50 cm on my desk and a cable of this length is appreciated for my needs.
8 x high purity copper, 7N (99.99999% purity) This purity gives the metal, copper in question, a high fatigue ressintance.
The diameter of each wire is 24 AWG (0.511 mm). The combination of a small diameter wire and braiding (very good looking too) brings something very important to me, a lot of flexibility.
The entire cable is coated with a polyethylene sheath guarantee protection.
Tin solder Cardas is used.
The cable is terminated in a 6.3 mm Neutrik jack, good quality and good contact.









Well,like with any good copper wire the end result is a smooth sound without any harshness and brings and a plus to the musicality of the Sennheiser HD650.


ForzaAudioWorks helps a lot making the sound with no veiled sound and reducing the  mid-bass predominance, with this cable I can hear more sub-bass.
Win stuck and in definition,the percussions tend to sound a little more realistic now.
The midrange is the most benefited, releases a little that little "stuffy" or veil that some blame these headphones as are standard.
Play the latest album Mumford & Sons-Babel, especially with vocal tracks (vocals, choirs ...) is a true pleasure.
The midrange is the best of the Sennheiser HD650 skills and the result with this cable is even better.
In the upper area I noticed a little more extension, but the change here is less noticeable
The soundstage is further enhanced gain in width, but less in depth (which felt much more with Alo Audio cable)
The stereo image is very well represented and more enjoyable now that  with the factory cable.








Finally I must say that I am totally satisfied with this cable for my Senns, I think they make a perfect match.
Doing a little comparison between this Forza Audio Works cable with my previous Alo Audio Copper 18 cable this is still a little higher in sound performance, the stage is wider and deeper and the general definition that adds to the Senn is somewhat higher.
 However the Forza Works have a cable Audio relatively affordable ($ 159 insured international shipping included) with flexibility, durability and great performance.

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Nice review and great looking cable!!

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great review and interesting read!

do you know if the wire OFC, or UPOCC?

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Originally Posted by fuzzyash View Post

great review and interesting read!

do you know if the wire OFC, or UPOCC?

Hi, is UPOCC and also it has 60 strands in each wire - the highest number in the market (based on similar wire types)


Thanks a lot!

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for anyone wondering about their products, i email them and got this information back about iem cables and 3.5mm inteconnects (i believe the "FAW" below stands for their company name)


as for the IC, the cost is 54$ (4 strand and Neutrik Jacks) and 99$ (8 strand and Switchraft jacks) and the IEM cable for Westone is 129$, both with priority, registered shipping. I'm not making 8 strand IEM cables - they would be to bulky at the splitter-earphones part.

Both cables made from my FAW UPOCC Cryo cables.

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