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You're welcome! :smile:

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Hi, sorry but I don't really know any audiologists in Geneva. Been there a couple of times but not to visit any audiologistes ;)

Good luck

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Hi everyone! just found this thread! I'm a member in the Léman area (I live in Coppet, Vaud)

Happy to see there are actually a few Swiss members on head-fi ^^, its not easy being in personal audio in this country...


For the ear impressions, I don't know any audiologists in the area, sorry. But I've been wondering, wouldn't shops like Amplifon do impressions? they specialize in hearing aid and such.


Personally, I ordered a kit online and asked a friend to help me with the impressions.

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Welcome! I ended up going to Gisele Flowers, who is recommended by Noble and JH Audio, when I was in London for work.

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May I ask which CIEMs you got?
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The Noble K10s.

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Originally Posted by jonbernard View Post

The Noble K10s.

Oh wow! I'm so jealous!
I finally got to try the universal K10 in Canjam London this summer, and I was seriously blown away! It has exactly the kind of sound I love and look for in iems.
It actually reminds me of my CE6E but with a fuller sound and better separation.
Unfortunately the K10s are a bit over my budget for now.

Hope you enjoy them!
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So how would a personal audio / headphone shop do in Geneva? My sister lives in Thonex
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