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For Sale: FS: HD-650 & HE-400

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For Sale:
FS: HD-650 & HE-400

Will Ship To: United States

So after much soul searching, I've decided that I actually like my HD-600's the most, and also want to upgrade my set up to a lyr/bifrost as well as getting the LCD-2s. My goal is to make my official set up be the 600 and the LCD-2. So this is why I'm selling off my HD-650 and HE-400.


Both the 650 and HE-400 are only a month and a half old (the HE-400 is actually closer to a month, shy a couple days). Seeing as I do not fall under the 30 day period on both of these, I have to sell them. Basically this money will be going towards my next set up.


I would prefer if the buyer was one person wanting both of these (for the sake of shipping cost and ease). But I understand not everyone wants both cans, so if I don't get any offers like that, I'll split up each one and ship them off. I do think the prices on these are fair. I paid $500 for my HD-650s and 400 for my HE-400s. That is $900. So the person is getting $300 off (for month old cans) (plus this covers shipping). 


The HE-400 comes with Velour pads as well as the pleather. They are the Revision 2 model (not the ones that got recalled recently). 


PM if interested, will ship anywhere in the United States. If you live in Southern California, I am possibly willing to do the transaction in person (depending on where in So Cal you are located). 

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Wow, two headphones I would love to own. Really good deal for almost new...wish I had the money. Would you be willing to set up an installment payment plan?? ;)

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First post here! :D

PM sent. 

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PM sent


Willing to cover shipping

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Wow, why close so fast? I just pm for the HE400 yesterday, but no reply.

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Same here. I sent him a PM for both. I got no reply! :(

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Maybe a change of heart. Those are two really great cans. Or someone jumped on that deal as soon as it was posted? wink.gif
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