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Help a noob out?

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Hello everyone!

As you can tell I'm completely, utterly, brand new here. I've been passionate about sound for about 4 years now and strangely I haven't thought of joining up until today, after a fierce argument with some mates.

TO GET TO THE POINT...my question is...

If you had around 500 $ - 700 $ to spend on portable sound gear...WHAT WOULD YOU GET? I'm talking player + in-ear headphones.

I'm currently using a Galaxy Note with Sennheiser CX-400 II or Sony MDR-NC13. Needless to say I'm underwhelmed by the current setup and looking for something better, stronger, nicer biggrin.gif

I thought about the new iPhone touch (5G) + Beats Monster UR Beats but I'd really like to hear from true audiophiles.

Thank you for your time and I'll hopefully be a regular around here smily_headphones1.gif
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I will recommend to buy used highend CIEMs like JH13Pro, Westone ES5, UM Miracle from here (Buy/Sell Forum) and reshell them. The DAPs like Sony A864, HiFiMan HM601, Cowon J3 with CIEMs will offers superb soundquality without extra bulk of AMPs/DAC. But if need universal IEMs then Westone 4, Sony EX1000, Heir Audio 4Ai with Sony S or A series walkmen, iPod Classic or iMod iPod and AMPs like iBasso T5, C421 willbe amazing upgrade.

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For the money you want to spend...

I'd recommend avoiding the ipods and go straight for a Cowon player such as Z2, J3, S9, or Sony Z series. Then for IEM's, something like GR07 MK2, Triple-fi 10, IE80, Heir 4Ai, you could put together a decent DAP + IEM combo for around $500 - $700 depending on which source and IEM you choose. I'm not into amping so I won't suggest them. I believe keeping the signal clean as possible. DAP........IEM.

Also if you want to get serious about your SQ start using FLAC files. Toss MP3 out the window. From my experience you will never achieve a rigs maximum potential using 320kbs. I have not long found that out myself....
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What sort of music do you prefer, and how much space in a player would you need? Those factors could go a long way in determining what gear you choose. But a great all-rounder earphone is the GR07 MK2. I just got a chance to hear it compared to my current pair of MK1's, and it's a tremendous performer and a definite improvement over the original. It's a steal at its price, and is very balanced, but perhaps with a touch of a strong low end. Very punchy, but then is remarkably detailed and balanced through the rest of the range. I've heard more than a few IEM'S in the $300-500 range, and it holds its own with any of those more pricey ones. Good luck in your search, and welcome to HF.


FYI, I wouldn't pay much attention to Zarim, as he populates the forum with his 'recommendation lists', which are made up of gear he's only read about. It's second hand info he pawns off as his own insights. He never owns or has first-hand experience with any of it.

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I'd just like to say at this point in time, given that you haven't explained what kind of music or sound signatures you like, to avoid Beats. They sound a lot less than their price in practice and often you buy a better sounding set for much less, of which the money could go to a better DAP or an amplifier etc.

Also I believe you mean the iPod Touch fifth generation and not the iPhone 5? There's no such thing as an "iPhone Touch 5G".

All things considered though I'd probably suggest to you that you look for a Walkman Z/F and a Westone UM3X, or maybe the UM4.
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I don't think that the Apple things have that good amps in them, you could get a Nokia Lumia 920, 820 or even an HTC because they have quite good audio playback.


As for the earphones, please, don't waste your money on Beats. Maybe some AKGs or Audio Technicas could do the job, but not Beats.

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