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Re-cable Companies?

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I have heard of a few from being around here. Who is worth looking in to. (alo audio, toxic cables, etc...)

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all of them!

spend some time looking through them since they're all good

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Can you name some of them for me...I have only found the couple ive mentioned in the OP. 

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off the top of my head, i find these companies reasonably priced, and known well on head fi

toxic cables

double helix cables

btg audio

q cables


plussound audio (no reviews yet on head fi though)


alo audio tends to be much more expensive

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thanks looking into all the ones mentioned
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Try Craig at Whiplash.  There has been some history about Whiplash, but, personally, I have had nothing but great service and products from Whiplash.

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Steve at Q Audio is just a great guy to work with and makes beautiful cables!!

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Thanks for all the advice. Some of these prices are crazy! 

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BTG Audio. Professional, very reasonably priced. I got a 8-strand cable made for my magnums for just north of $65 shipped. Great work and prdouct all around.

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