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Hello all,


I'm new here, as you can see by my post history, but I have been lurking in the stereo phone community for some time, mostly drooling at some of the amazing cans that I could never afford. I have, for the last couple of years had Koss KSC75 they sounded great but they kept breaking, I keep pulling the wires and have spent a great deal getting replacements. I recently decided to upgrade to some more expensive headphones and did some research for what I thought might be a suitable and affordable choice for me, I settled on Sennheiser PX 200 - II, and I now know I made the wrong choice.


I find that the PX 200- II sounds rather shallow, the bass is tepid, I'm no bass head but even to me these seem to be lacking as if you are hitting a wall, sure everything is crisp and nice but it sounds shallow. Also, I find that the sound stage is really small, almost as if the music is in a small room right next to you, I suppose that is due to the fact that it is a closed set, so I suppose that I would prefer an open set. I listen to a lot of classic rock, and so far most of it seems off, even with changing EQ settings.


I am a bit bummed by all this, I was looking forward to a nice set but these fell a good bit below my expectations. If any of y'all have any suggestions for a set that is in the same price range I would be very appreciative. Thank you in advance.