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So, I've got this tangle of wires thats been generated over the last couple weeks as I've been switching things around in my hub.  Somehow I've managed to keep my headphones out of this tangle--probably because they are always plugged in.  I had them unplugged for a while yesterday and they ended up in the tangle.  Then I went to put the DT880s on, the cord snagged on me, I lost grip of the left earcup and the metal cup holder put a deep scratch right across the field of view in my new lenses.  The string of profanity that came out of my mouth would be censored here.


Then I realized that the alternative could have been that I didn't wear glasses and I would now be unable to see 3D films.  So I've now ordered a hub that plugs almost everything into the back (instead of having everything stupidly in the front and side) and I'm going to cable tie everything.  Moral of the story: be careful with your headphones--its all fun and games until someone loses an eye (I can't believe I just added that last line).


Hopefully the eye doctor will be lenient and either comp me a new lens or give me a discount since I think the script is a bit off anyway.