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DAC/AMP with RCA outputs for ~200 euro?

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*Edit* I got the Audioengine D1 and just posted impressions in the third reply.


Hi, I wasn't exactly sure in which section to make this post, hopefully I got it right.


So, I'm looking to buy a headphone amplifier and DAC. They don't necessarily have to be in the same shell so to say, I could buy separately too if there's better options that way. Here's what makes my selection a bit more difficult though: the DAC needs to have RCA outputs for my KRK Rokit 2.0 speakers too. And budget is around 200€, I'm going to buy the Beyerdynamic DT990 250 ohms headphones so that's the cans it's going to drive.


I've skipped the nForce uDac 2 after reading NwAvGuys review of it. One of my best options seems to be the Audioengine D1 but it's quite a lot more expensive here than in the US, I can get it for 220 euro (284 USD) so I'm not sure if it's worth it. A very good option I think would be the TubeMagic D1 but the problem is noone sells it here, and I'm not sure I have any means of paying them if I'd buy it straight from Mav Audio.


So are there any obvious devices I have missed, even if it's amplifier and converter separately? Like I said that's an option too even if being a combo is a plus. And it doesn't need to be portable. I'm extremely grateful for any input and advice.

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Just as an update, I ordered the Audioengine D1. Might post impressions once I've got it.

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So, I've put a large amount of time listening to both my headphones and speakers through this little device, and here are my impressions: http://www.head-fi.org/products/audioengine-d1-premium-24-bit-dac/reviews/7707


I mainly wrote it because there isn't a lot of feedback on this DAC/Amp. Also do note that I have never owned any more expensive DAC nor amplifier, so my opinion should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt at least from the audio perspective. I'm happy with it though.

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Oh I was late on this. I would have recommended the Calyx Coffee as I use it regularly with my Audioengine A2 speakers, EF5 amp, and the E11 amp.

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