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We are proud to announce that we are starting a LCP, Loyal Customer Program as of this month.


More and more we see regular customers returning for purchasing there DIY materials on our website. There we thought it time to start a loyalty discount program and we have named that LCP.


The LCP works as follows:


For returning customers that have ordered 4 times with our webshop we offer a 2.5% discount for all next orders.


And if you have ordered a total of 9 times we offer the highest discount rate of 5% for all next orders.


The discount applies on the total purchase value of your order.


If you are a regular returning customer and want to apply for the LCP please contact us by email at and state you customer ID (this can be found on the invoices at the lefthand side right under the invoice nbr).

When applicable we will then adapt your customer profile to show the LCP discount.


Looking forward to many happy customers!!


The Qables team Erik and Hans.