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cans to complement the q701's ?

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I mostly listen through my PC using Itunes (aac)>dragonfly>o2 amp> to my q701's, I'm just looking for a second headphone to complement them I mostly listen to rock,metal,drums and bass and indie some house( I also enjoy experimental bands)... I really enjoy my q701's for the soundstage clarity also the bass on the q701, when present sound crisp and refined which I enjoy. I was thinking of the K550's since I do need a closed headset but I'm open to suggestions.


my favorite bands in no order would be 

Mars Volta*

at the drive in*

Modest Mouse (Ugly Casanova)*

White Stripes

Tool ( Puscifer and a Perfect Circle)*



Rage Against the Machine

The Prodigy

Panic at the Disco

Kanye West

Empire of the Sun*


Daft Punk


30 Seconds to Mars*

Bob Marley 


Flaming Lips*


*preferred for the headphones I'm looking for.


thank you again hope you guys listen to some of these great bands :). 

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so I've been looking at the k550's or a900x my budget is around this max 500 dollars maybe this will help.

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The K550 is a great can. I actually had a poor experience with one pair, and an awesome on the next. The poor experience involved inconsistent seal no matter what I did - and I could only imagine how great they could be by pressing the cups to my ears. However, these were used and looked pretty beat up. Maybe the memory foam lost its ability to keep its shape?  Then I received a new pair and it performed like a champ. Clamp and seal beyond my expectations. Based on that, buy one that is in excellent condition or new. Other people may have had poor experience with new - but your chances are better with a newer pair.. just sayin'. 


Question: what do you have for portable? A good complementary can might be a closed can that you can wear outdoors / traveling etc. Cans that come to mind are the Sennheisers HD25-ii or Amperior or the Beyer DT1350. They will suit your genres very well. The K550 is on the large side.

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I've been looking to the amperier or k550 I can obtain the k550 pretty cheap 160 dollars and unforunately the amperior isn't released yet (where I get my discounts). I can also get the dt 1350 for roughly 225 but I'm effy on the comfort of those type of headphones

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