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Beats vs. V-Moda Reviews

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I already know V-Moda are the clear winners, I've owned a pair of M80s and Crossfades for roughly 2 years now.

I always get a bunch of sh%t from my friends them saying that Beats are the clear winners. I show them one review and they tell me that "oh man, its just one guy, other people know beats are better".

Can anyone link me to a bunch of different reviews so I can slam it down their throat so they'll shut up?

These guys are kids who know jack about audio quality and they think they know it all.

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Honestly anything here would work, they'll be much more detailed than most amazon-like reviews, and therefore be more "authoritative" - http://www.head-fi.org/products/v-moda-crossfade-m-80/reviews/. People tend to be impressed with prose-like writing in reviews, so if you're aiming to impress...  Also, ljokerl's review on his portable shootout thread does not have direct comparisons, but does have both headphones included. That many headphones reviews will no doubt inspire confidence that he knows his stuff.


Honestly though, I just have to say that if you really need affirmation from others validating your personal choices, maybe you need to reevaluate your own priorities. Does it really matter how others perceive to be good, even when it doesn't directly affect you? Because right now, you choose to affected by putting too much weight in your friend's opinions. I would care less about other people's knowledge (or lack thereof) on audio. What's there to prove?

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Very true. I just wanted to see the comparisons between the two in retrospective. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a pair of M100s when Val decides to ship them out but I am also looking forward to the sound that comes with them.

I mainly just want to shove the haters in the ground :)

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you honestly havent tried the m100s or lp2s. both i have. And get this thru ur head the crap u call beats.........SUCK!!!!!!!!!! they break.......they are bad quality..............no bass...................horrible price for the crap the call headphones

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I have the crossfade M100 and it's way better than any of the Beats. The durability on the M100's is superior (military level) while any of the beats would break in year or less. The sound quality on any of the VMODA's would beat the Beats. And then probably to your friends it's all about style and in my opinion I like the VMODA's style better than the Beats.
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