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Headphone for home receiver - pre/pro use

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I have an older Pioneer Elite flagship receiver now and will probably update to current Elite or Denon top model this year. My headphone usage is only home usage connected to whatever the standard port is - 1/4"? I have no current plans to use them for portable travel needs as I have a basic Sony for that. I will need a long cord or an extension as I sit about 18 feet from the equipment rack. Currently using a really old Pioneer headphone - fully enclosed type - probably about 25 years old!!!


Will be listening to wide range of music and some movies. Blu-ray concerts, cds and vinyl primarily, blu-ray movies on rare occasion. Music is everything BUT classical, country, rap. I like solid bass but prefer overall full range accurate sound. Will see more usage when I retire soon.


Have used open type and enclosed and kind of prefer the open type sound and comfort - but this was many years ago so technology I assume has improved in sound quality and comfort. Really don't want the sweaty ear feeling after time!! :-)


Budget up to $300 max. Prefer $200-250 range. Have no local places to go to try them out so have to rely upon reviews and recommendations.


Currently considering -- based upon the shootout here and other reviews

Sennheiser HD25-1 II

Sennheiser HD598

Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350


Any better ideas for my needs? I did try searching here but did not see any threads addressing non-portable use.


I know nothing about external headphone amps and the need for them. Hoping that the headphone output of a top quality receiver or pre/pro is sufficient.


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The HD-25-1-ii is an excellent sounding headphone with a hint of neutrality.  This will aid in movies and music where the vocals are a tad more important than the bass.  I give them my vote.

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