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For Sale: Grado HPA-2

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For Sale:
Grado HPA-2

Will Ship To: Europe, Conus

For sale rare battery headphone amplifier Grado HPA-2.


Perfect match for GradoHP1000 (HP1/HP2/HP3).


This particular HPA-2 has been checked out by Joe Grado personally and sounds as good as the one he uses for himself.


Purchased 6 months ago from DannyB, Head-fi, personal friend of Joe.

Collector’s item, cosmetically and functionally excellent.

Price: SOLD to Benjamin

If I’m not wrong, in 1992 it was listed for 795$.

Shipping costs and PayPal fees excluded.

Currently I’m in Milan, Italy.

Box non-original.

Payment method: cash, bank transfer, PayPal.

Shipping preferences: Europe, Conus.

More images on request.

Communications via pm or email (

Reason for sale: upgrade to EAR HP4.




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Payment sent. :D

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Shoot, I missed it.


At least it's going in Québec, and to a Frenchy :D (this is very cool actually!) I hope that you like it ;)

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I'll have the chance to pair the amplifier with some HP1000 drivers coming back from Martin Custom Audio. Couldn't have been a better coincidence. :D

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Yes nope ;), the amplifier was made expressly for these guys. Again if you can tell me what you think of the sound of the pairing, or of the drivers and the amplifier separately, lol, real quick, I like having opinions from people (like you who are also into the recent headphones like Audeze and HiFiMan orthodynamics) about that old Grado stuff (which I collect too by the way).


Hhhuh, do you live in Chicoutimi? lol


[Just a reminder: that we're not supposed to use this thread for chatting ;) ]

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