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Originally Posted by Chippy99 View Post

I just wish they had sorted the clicks and pops out before releasing it.

The DAC1-HDR is like a fine piece of furniture; the master craftsman's finest work, perfected over generations of tweaks and improvement until it is a masterpiece.

The DAC2 is a bit rough and ready by comparison.  Yes, it sounds great.  But it is rough around the edges.  I *hate* the loud pop when switching to analogue input for example. It's really naff.  The DAC1 was always so impeccably behaved and to go from that to the uncouth DAC2 is a bit of a let down to be honest.  Yes, it sounds great and that's the most important thing.  But I can't help think that the DAC2 MK1.1 will be a bit more polished than my 1.0 version is.

Agreed, the analogue switch thing is somewhat annoying in this price range, but that being said, I rarely switch to analogue inputs so it's not much of a problem.
All in all, still pretty happy with my purchase smily_headphones1.gif

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Originally Posted by music_man View Post

I have this in house again. it is really good for the price. what kills it for me is all the led's. didn't they think people would use this in a home theater or bedroom? I had tape over the dac1's leds. if I tape all these it is going to look awful. I know others have mentioned this elsewhere. it is s a shame that has to be a deal breaker for me. I like it better than the stereo192 for instance. however, when you figure this is also a preamp it becomes a bargain.

Here's a suggestion that might help with the LEDs.  Get a piece of dark but transparent plastic, cut it to size, and affix it over the offending LEDs with double sided Scotch Magic Tape.  You can even "adjust" the brightness of the LEDs by using darker or lighter plastic, or even change the color of the LEDs by using different colored plastic.  It's easily done and doesn't require any. electrical alterations.

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I just hate do that. it makes a piece of $2,000 equipment look like a school project. I am thinking maybe I would wait for the next version as well. I bet they do dsdx4,add a display and get rid of the click. plus other refinements. agreed, the dac1 was polished over ten years. if you want it now.....but there are other dacs. perhaps maybe not a beter one for 2 grand though. I am guessing they will release a new one as this is now a piece of consumer equipment. our market demands this.

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Just get an NAD M51 and be done with it!
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these are all good. just in different ways. they each have their own sound. the nad is interesting in the way it works. more like the much more expensive ones. the problem is I need a half size component.

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Hey all, just have quick question (applicable to every all-in-one AMP+DAC unit, but I'm asking here since I've the Benchmark in my possession). If I'm planning on getting a standalone amp and using the Benchmark DAC2-HGC as a DAC (connected via RCA), will the amp inside the Benchmark still color the sound somehow? Or will it be bypassed altogether? 

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the op amps on the rca outputs have a sound. the headphone amp inside the dac2 has no influence on the rca output whatsoever. well it could but benchmark knows how to design a circuit. so I would not worry about that.

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