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Hi. I've been researching the market for more than 6 months now hoping that to appear a device that would satisfy my needs in total but by now it hasn't... But i've come to these conclusions.

I need a device so i can ear good quality music on the go and it doesn't need to be a PMP, it can be a smartphone or a tablet, but certainly has to have apps and wifi..

I've come down to these 3 devices as possibilities:

- Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 WiFi 8Gb - 180€

- Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 8Gb - 250€

- Google Nexus 7 16Gb - 250€ (but it hasn't launched in my country but it is predicted too, although officially is kinda of shady)

I am thinking of choosing the Galaxy Tab 2.0 because of some things.. The Player 4.2 is too expensive for the hardware it has, it has a 1ghz single core and 512mb.. I think that is a bad buy in terms of hardware because you are buying a device that is capable of doing some multimedia but it doesn't do it fully (example, video recording is too limited by CPU/GPU power).. Then the resolution is low 800x480!

Then its the Google Nexus.. It doesn't have a SD Card.... And the 16gb (12gb available) is too small for the music i intend to put there... There is talk that the 16gb will be substituted by a 32gb version for the same price, 249€ but it hasn't arrived yet and i don't know when it will arrive in my country -- Portugal --. And having a SD card is better for me because you can use more than one sdcard and there are cards that work with these devices with 64 and even 128gb (they just need to be formatted to fat32 before in the computer).

All of them have Wolfson DACs, all different but i think in SQ its like this: Galaxy Player 4.2 >= Tab 2.0 7 > Google Nexus.

So i'm really inclined to buy the Tab 2.0 7.. I mostly use it for music but having a dual core and a bigger screen capable of playing and recording HD(FullHD??) is a bonus.. The 4.2 is just to lame in processing power..

Has any of you have any thoughts on the sound quality of the samsung galaxy tab 2.0 7?? What about audio playing time? a 4.000 mah battery should provide a HUGE amount of hours for listening to audio when in airplane mode and the screen off doesn't it? Say aroun 80-100 hours ???

Please share your thoughts.