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Hello! I'll try to keep it short and organized!


I'll be in the store next week trying Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO vs DT 990 PRO (both 250 Ohms) and purchase.

Also getting FiiO E11 or E17.


I really got into idea of making the cord and accessories myself as a DIY projects..


My budget isn't huge it, but the whole fun part is the fun part + I really don't want to be walking around with Beyerdynamic's 9.5 feet long cord.

I don't really care that it isn't going to do much for sound improvement, as long as the quality of the sound doesn't go down.


1st Project - 4.5 foot cord with 3.5 to 3.5 that plugs into headphones with one end and FiiO on the other.

a) I want to make a cord,

b) weave it,

c) sleeve it (some kind of cool, white or greyish color),

d) put two 3.5mm jacks on both ends (low/thin profile if possible)


2nd Project - Mod headphones to have detachable cord (one from 1st Project).

I'd love to install the female part directly into headphones, but as an option I could cut the cord closer to headphones and install on there as an option. I just don't know how hard would the first one be.


3rd Project - Make a mini LOD to 3.5mm


4th Project - Replace that thin wire that connects one can to another and goes through a headband to some bring color.


Budget for these projects is $100 total with all the plugs, sleeves, and wires. Do you think it is possible to build something with this budget?


I also will be painting some parts and taking step by step pictures to post a guide for who ever out there. This is my first project with wires and stuff, but if I am successful that it could be useful for others out there biggrin.gif


I am hoping to get out three things out of this topic:

1) Links to products that would find the budget.

2) Links to useful tutorials, guides, anything like that that you would suggest?

3) Any kind of suggestions, opinions, anything you want me to know before I start?


I will greatly appreciate any help!

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