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For Sale: Bose AE2

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For Sale:
Bose AE2

Will Ship To: CONUS

I have a pair of Bose AE2 headphones I got for christmas a little over a year ago. I completely baby them, and they are in great condition. If you search around on the forum you can find they are consistently rated one of the more comfy headphones, and my experience is no different. They are extremely lightweight, to the point that I wore them overnight on a trip from Seattle to Hawaii (thats about 7 hours) and had absolutely no problems with them.

This is the only pair of headphones I own, so I have nothing to compare them to except my brothers beats studio, and my sisters beats solo. And yes, they sound much better than those. That is honestly all I can say, I'm new to the headphone world so I don't know a ton about these. All I know is that I was too scared to take them on the sports bus last year because they didn't fold, so I thought they would break. I want a pair I can take with me for those long ~4 hour drives and I won't have to worry about them being stolen (I plan on buying a pair of HFI-580's or Image One's) and I hope the less recognizable brand name will make them less prone to theft while they sit in my gym bag (unattended) in the locker room.

If you are looking for a comftorable headphone, look no further.

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putting them on hold until after christmas

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