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Ipod Classic + Fiio E17 (Alpen) + Ultrasone ED8 & Yuin PK1

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Hi everyone,

I think it's time for me to have a portable\small rig, for work (Yuin PK1) and for some home listening when i don't want to use the main rig).


- Ultrasone ED8 will be fine for home using i guess (need a semi-portable closed can)

- Yuin PK1 will be fine for work ? I can't use IEM or other isolating earphone

- I have no idea about Ipod Classic + Fiio E17

Ipod Classic will be very fine for HD size and for the User Interface. I know Fiio E17 will work only as AMP with the Ipod, but if i will change the source in the future i may use it as DAC as well.


I have read through the forum for like one week now. Have you some suggestion ? Some alternative.

Let's not think about the budget, main goal is usability and portability.


Thank you in advance.

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bump ?

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I find the the iPod classic "7G" with the E17 with the Fiio iPod cable sounds rather good with my PK3 headphones. I would think think the PK1 would be great.
It is merely my opinion, though. I really don't like the sound of the iPod headphone amp, and but the line out is good.
The E17 could be useful as a DAC if you want to hook it up to your work computer. A portable Foobar install could be put on a flash disk and could be configured for WASAPI/ kernel streaming /ASIO etc.

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iDevices sound way better than its written. On the go i normally used Shure se535 with iPhone but read so much that I invested on a Colorfly C4.
Bottom line. Can I tell the diference Bettwen iPhone and C4? Yes. C4 it's cleaner. No doubt
But is it a big diference? No. Not at all.
with high quality files its very hard to tell the unless I'm really looking for it and the iPhone has a very nice signature.
At high volumes and prolonged use I really prefer the C4. But is it worth the €400 and losing all playlist and iTunes user interface (C4 software is just too bad)?
For me the answer is simple now. NO. It's not. I'm really thinking to sell the C4 and buy the iPod classic so I can take all my music library (I can't on the iPhone)
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Sorry - just posted this on another thread, but this seems a more current thread, so re-posting here:



Hi - I'm confused! I bought an E17 thinking I would use it as a portable DAC to use with my iPod (Classic) and/or iPhone (5), but was perturbed to only find headphone to headphone connections, so completely bypassing the DAC, using the E17 as an amp, and pretty much missing the point.


Surely there is a iPod connector to mini-USB that I can use to take the digital signal out of the iPod & into the DAC of the F117, and from there, through the internal amp, to my headphones.


I thought this was the whole point of it! ;)


But above there is both the mention that this can't be done, and of a Fiio iPod cable that sounds good - so I'm wondering which is the true position?


Of course Apple have changed the connector for the iPhone 5, so I'd need a different cable, or an adapter to get this to work, but the principle should be the same.


Could someone confirm if this is possible, and if so, how I do it? Many thanks for any help with this. 



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