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Halloween Spook Juke 2012

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Halloween music need not be metal. I'm looking for input from real people on how I can find more spooky fun, while being good music.
The best I've heard is DEAD MAN'S BONES
Got anything similar? Better? Spookier?



Some great female vocals!

I know there's gotta be some taste on this forum.
Load up the Spookbox!!
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The Cramps - Psychedelic Jungle


With songs like "Goo Goo Muck," "Rockin' Bones," "Voodoo Idol," etc., it's perfect for Halloween.


A masterpiece that defined psych-a-billy from 1981. Their great female guitarist is named Poison Ivy!



The Beasts Of Bourbon - The Axeman's Jazz


This little-heard (in the U.S.) Australian import from 1984 is a classic. Just listen to "Graveyard Train," "Psycho," "Love & Death," or "Lonesome Bones."


Absolutely perfect for Halloween! Tales of death, despair, and murder...


Both of these records are fantastic! (And neither one is metal.)  wink.gif

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Mirel Wagner just knocks me out and No Death is disturbing spooky fun.

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Wednesday 13 comes to mind. Lots of B Movies with his stuff in it. This one is actually in the remake of Night of the Demons. Definitely has that Halloween feel.


Here's one I actually really like...Manson just blew this song out of the water. 

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Diamanda Galas-Litanies Of Satan


Gary Numan- Down In The Park

Inner Thought- Perspectives.

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