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For Sale:
Audio-gd NFB-11.32 32 Bit USB Input/32 Bit ES9018 DAC & Amplifier with TCXO upgrade

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I received this DAC/AMP from Audio-gd just two weeks ago, and I am really happy with the sound quality. It is incredibly detailed, yet smooth and powerful.


I paid $335 + $20 for TCXO Chip + 3% Paypal fees + shipping. 


It replaced my Violectric V800 DAC and V181 Amp and I am extremely satisfied with the sound quality.


The ONLY problem is that I did not realize there was no Analog input on the device and now I cannot listen to my vinyl...


I contacted Kingwa and he told me about the new Compass 2. It too is 32 Bit USB input and it too is an ES9018 32 Bit Sabre DAC, but unlike the NFB-11.32, the Compass 2 has Line In (RCA Analog). It will cost me an additional $200 but the only other option I have is to buy a secondary amp for my setup which I did not want to do since I was on a mission to make a smaller footprint on my workstation.


I am able to send the NFB-11.32 back to Audio-gd for credit, but when they take out the shipping cost, and the paypal fees, and the cost of me sending it back to them, I was going to take a hit on it, so Kingwa suggested trying to sell it here first to see if that makes more sense.


For $350 Paypal Gift, I will ship this anywhere in the CONUS or split the cost if shipping internationally.


I will only be running the ad for a couple days, as I am having my new Compass 2 shipped out Friday and need the funds one way or another...


The unit is in new condition having only been used about 20 hours and I am in a smoke free, sunlight free, air conditioned office with power coming from a UPS with a Furman Conditioner.


Note: The photos are off of the audio-gd site. The unit is flawless and I thought it would make more sense to see what it looks like from nice photos. I have 15+ perfect Trader feedbacks on here and 30+ perfect on eBay.

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