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For Sale:
Blue iPod Nano 6th Gen 8gb - Fully Functioning - (As Is) - See Details

Will Ship To: Conus



I have a Fully Functioning Used iPod Nano 6th Gen 8gb (Blue), which has one flaw, namely that the Power Button is stuck in the "ON" position. Aside from this, the device operates perfectly fine. One thing you will want to take note of though is that this issue sheds light on another problem - namely, that once the screen image disappears (when the screen goes black), you have to plug the device into a power source (either to your computer or to an AC power outlet), in order for the screen display to re-appear. Keep in mind that even though the image on the screen will eventually disappear, the music will still continue playing, but you will no longer be able to see the album art on the screen.


Let me clarify one thing about this. The screen display on this iPod Nano DOES work (as you can see in the pic). While the screen is illuminated, you are able to perform any command or function on the Nano just as you would be able to on one that didn't have an issue with the Power Button. As long as you are making regular contact with the touch screen at regular intervals (without letting it go black), you will have FULL access to everything that the iPod is capable of doing. soon as the display disappears (just as it eventually does on EVERY iPod Nano after you stop making regular contact with the touch screen), you THEN must plug the device into a power source in order to get the display to return to the screen. But remember, the music will keep playing even after the screen goes black.


This issue is hardware-related, and it IS repairable. Apple can fix it. The device is unfortunately no longer under its warranty coverage period. However, if you have an Apple Store close to where you live, you can take it in and they can most likely fix the issue in about 20 minutes (for perhaps, a small fee). But as I said, aside from this, the device works just fine. The ramification is obvious long as the power button remains stuck, either you will only be able to use the device while you are at home, or in your car (if you own a car adapter for it).


I have none of the original packaging materials, and only have a USB data cable to include in the sale (no earphones). I'll leave the music that's already on the device when I ship it. The USB cable is brand new, and has never been used.


Item will ship upon cleared PayPal payment, via USPS Economy Mail within the US.


Any questions.....please ask.



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