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My Fostex PM0.4 active monitors aren't giving me enough bass in my mixes. I'm primarily using this set up for DJing and producing bass music (dnb, dubstep, breaks etc), but the cut off on my Pm 0.4s is around 50-60hz, and bass is missing from the mixes, I might as well just be using Highs and Mids in my mixes, and it'll sound the same to anyone in the room.


I don't want to break the bank but I also want to get the most accurate bass response for my set up. Sub bass extension is really important considering I'm mixing sub bass rhythms with dnb and dub.


I was going to get the matching Fostex PmSUBn but I'm not sure if it'll be worth $300 versus a better subwoofer for cheaper, or equal value.