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Klipsch X10 vs Vsonic GR07

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Hi all,


After a long search and comparing phones I found these 2 to seem to match my preference:


- I listen to rock/alternative/indie/punk/salsa/pop/urban

- I will be using it when I'm in the bus/train/relaxing at school/sometimes home.

- I have no amp

- Planning on using a smartphone (htc one x/iphone) as a source
- I dont like too deep inserted phones I think, since the pressure makes me have a headache.


My first selection consisted of Klipsch X10, Yamaha EPH-100, Hifiman, Rock-it 50, Brainwavz B2 and Vsonic Gr07


I tossed the Brainwavz B2 away because I dont think I like an analytical sound profile (just a guess lol.)
Rock-it 50 and Hifiman can't be shipped to Holland easily.

Yamah EPH-100 has deep insertion.


Now for the Vsonic Gr07 and the Klipsch X10, I'm unsure of what to do. The Klipsch is a bit more expensive but I heard it is very comfortable. I dont know which phone is more "user friendly". I think I prefer a fun sound and dont necessary need a perfect but very boring sound. Then again I have no clue since my only reference point are apple earbuds and Sennheiser CX  400 II's.

Which one would you suggest I take? Which one do you prefer? If you know another phone which I havent thought of but matches my preferences, feel free to say so :D

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The GR07s are pretty balanced, which might be fun for some, and it might not. Haven't heard the X10, but people rave about the comfort.


ljokerl has 2 very good reviews for these on his thread: Multi-IEM Review - 256 IEMs compared (Rock-It Sounds R-20 & R-30 added 09/29/12)

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Bump, I saw the reviews but hoped for more opinions :p

X10 I am worried about the build quality of the cable and I think you have to insert them pretty deep. The sound seems more fun though in general to people.

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I had the X10i, I don't think they are particularly deep insertions because I most definitely cannot stand triple flanges (that's what I'd consider deep / where i have itch issues).  The Klipsch gel tips are infinitely better than the standard silicone ones other headphones usually provide (shame that it's too tight to be used on bigger nozzles) and I've had no comfort issues.  If you compare the pictures you'll notice that the x10s aren't longer than any of your standard IEMs - if you prefer you can try the large tips to keep it shallow, I used medium and had a lot of people coming up to me and talking without noticing I was wearing earphones.


As for the cable you shouldn't have a problem with them if you take care to use the proper carrying pouch instead of stuffing it in your pockets all the time.  As long as you buy it from a reputable dealer with 2 years warranty Klipsch should be able to address any issues that you experience.  The X10 is likely to go on sale again for 100 bucks on Black Friday (it did last year). 

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I've had both.

Save some money and go for the GR07 MK2. x10 have build quality problems, the rubber strain relief tear at the seams after a while, the cable is thin, brittle and if you plan on keeping this IEM for a long time x10 is not going to provide that unles you absolutely baby them.

This is what happens.

Bassically buying x10 you would be paying more money to have more problems, less durability along with an item that has a short life span.

Regarding sound, they both sound very nice, x10 is more consumer focused with upfront bass clear but placid mids and a natural timbre, however, x10 treble suffers sounding slightly muted from the tuning. Soundstage lacks width though expresses decent height but a downfall is sub-bass rolls off early due to the BA drivers. (They also don't go very loud before distorting). GR07 MK2 will give you much more balanced sound, that doesn't mean they're boring, what balanced means is the highs, mids, lows are equal to each other, not one area is pushed forward or out weighing the other, they all excell evenly, that works in your favour. Personally I'd be buying GR07 MK2, if bass is a concern I find the MK2 texture and detailing right through the frequency's to be more aggressive. The sub-bass goes deeper and all round it's a much more professional sound.

If you watch the threads closely here GR07 is talked about daily compared next to high tier IEM's, x10 go mostly unnoticed.
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