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Listening to music at work

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Hi, not sure if i'm posting in the right subforum here.


Let's say you are at work, the phone doesn't go _that_ much, but you should be aware of what people are saying and notice things.

Let's also say the radio is on a absolutely horrible station, and there is no way to get it to play some decent music. Only overplayed modern stuff that gets you irritated as you can get.


I'm using a Sennheiser PX100 plugged into my laptop right now, not that loud so I can hear stuff, but I want to listen louder and get a better audio source (so, an USB headphone amp/DAC) and a better, closed headphone so other people won't hear my music. No problem in that.


I'm using a HD25 now, because I can get louder with that without other people noticing, just covering one ear instead of both. But I miss out in the sound 'depth' ofcourse.


However, I can't hear anything when wearing the big closed headphone, so I've come to the idea to place a small boundary microphone (like, the one you use in bass drums, or the ones you use for group calls) on my desk, plugged into the sound card, and mixed with my laptop's music -> big decent Beyer-ish headphone. Win/win, I could still hear people talk (because the mic is so responsive) and respond to them _and_ listen to loud music.


Anyone having some insights if that would work? Thinking about using a Samson/Superlux-ish mic for it. Any suggestions on a step-up USB sound card maybe? The Apogee One seemed perfect for this, until I noticed it only works on Mac. Had my eyes earlier on the Motu Microbook II, but not sure what the DAC chip in that is.

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I see one flaw in your solution: the mic will be picking up that annoying radio too....


Additionally, mixing in the mic sound in Windows will lower the quality a bit, but being at work I suppose you must compromise a bit.

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I love this idea. What kind of mic are you going to use? I would like a similar setup. Right now I use open-air headphones but would like to move to sound-isolating except for the fact that I need to hear people around me. 

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