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Ok thanks. Then i will go for these.

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You can always gently expand the headband by stretching it out a little bit.  This is what I did (I have a big head) and now can wear these forever as, like right now, which I had these on mmy head since last night!

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I have both of the Sony Wireless headsets, and they are both VERY good for use with the PS3.  I have used my ATH M50's and Turtle Beach X1's with my PS3 as well, and they simply do not compare with the Sonys for use with the PS3.  Gaming headsets are very specialized and need to be set up differently than music headphones.  The Pulse feature is not intended to "fake" bass tones and make it feel like the bass is deeper than it is.  It is not a gimmick.  It is intended to give the listener the sensation of what is happening in the game right there in their lap.  For instance, in the "shooter" mode, the Pulse headphones emphasize explosions, footsteps, etc with a pulsing of the earcups in addition to the sounds.  You FEEL the explosions as well as hear them...just as you would in real life.  These are not intended to compete with high end consumer music headphones.  They ARE intended to compete with high end gaming headsets, and they do that very well.


As a bonus, they do sound nice with music, especially if used wirelessly with a MacBook Pro, or while using the PS3's "Music Unlimited" service.  They do not have the clarity of the ATH M50's in the mid range or highs, but they aren't far off.  I think it's a generous bonus that my gaming headphones work as pretty decent music phones.  I didn't get them to rock with my iPhone on the commute to work; I got them to blast the enemy in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.


I do think these are improved in every way over the original Sony Wireless PS3 headset except for comfort.  The originals are lighter, and the headband is cushier.  For what it's worth, I'm keeping my originals instead of selling them.


My bottom line is if you are a PS3 gamer, don't waste your time or money with more expensive (or cheaper) Turtle Beach or Astro headsets because these will out perform them on the PS3.  If you are looking at these simply for music, I would recommend the ATH M50's for about the same money.

Try swapping out the cushions from your old Sony Wireless cans to the Pulses.  I did this and the old pads are a tad bigger so for me, I get a better seal and it's a noticeable difference, a positive one, in comfort.

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Well, I bought one of these and absolutely hated it. I sent it back after two days. I have been using a Mixamp with Denon D7000 headphones for over a year, but I thought I'd give this a shot so that I could go wireless and prolong the life of my Denons by not using them for gaming. It's unfair to compare the Pulse to a flagship headphone like my Denon so I also included my iPhone 5 EarPods in my comparisons. The bass impact was a poor gimmick that I didn't care for at all. The bass was muddy and overbearing and the extreme low end was lacking. The mids and highs sounded dull and lifeless. And the virtual surround wasn't half as good as Dolby Headphone. For music listening I give the Pulse a 4.5. I give the EarPods a 7, but that would be even higher if they fit a little tighter in my ears. The mids and highs sound unbelievably good for headphones included with a phone. The bass is pretty good and would be very good with a tighter seal. If you've only heard the old round style iPhone/iPod headphones, these are on another level. A huge improvement. The Denons get a 9.5.


Here is a photo of the EarPods in case you're not familiar with them.


Over the years I've also used some cheap $30 Koss headphones, Shure E3C and E500PTH IEMs and some $60 Sennheisers. They all sounded much better than the Pulse Elite. If you can live with the wires, get a Mixamp or Tritton with Dolby Surround and the headset or headphone/mic combo of your choice. 


One more thing. The clamping force is too great. I would definitely have found these to be unsuitable for long sessions.

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I'm considering purchasing these headphones, mainly for ps3, but also for TV and maybe even portable use (plane trip).


I'm assuming for tv use they will be analog / stereo, do they still sound ok?


My main concern is that they look quite bulky? Does anyone use them outside of the house?



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I just bought some of these the other day, but I find the clamping pressure of the headband too tight. Did anyone have the same issue? If so how did you fix it?

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