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Denon AH-D7000 vs Fostex T50RP modded

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Hi everyone,


I would to ask someone who heard both D7000 (stock or modded) and T50RP phones (modded) which headphones are generally better in those categories:


1) Comfort

2) Level of detail (not clarity = emphasised highs!), imaging, separation...


I am not asking about which are more neutral! I use my D7000 with special EQ curve which makes them neutral without losing their natural signature and detail...




I am interested in T50RP just because the mod mentioned below offers near-to-perfect FR graph for headphones:


1) flat response up to 1 khz

2) gentle slope from 1 khz down to approximately -10 dB around 10 khz to 20 khz


Paradox doesn't offer it so I am not interested.





Mod 77: http://www.head-fi.org/t/618659/fostex-t50rp-incremental-mods-and-measurements



DBV #2 Right with Taped on FA-003 Pads SPL FR





Thanks everyone for any kind of help!

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bump on this -- I'm considering this trade +

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Curious about this as well.  I am strongly considering buying myself a pair of MadDog headphones with the Alpha pads, since from what I could tell from demoing them at a head-fi meet-up, they do seem to isolate significantly better than the Denon D-X000 series, and seemed every bit as comfortable.  I own a pair of Denon D7000s, so if I do go ahead and buy the Mad Dog headphones, I will try to post a quick comparison if no one else has done so by then.

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